Typeface for drawing waveforms and data

sound, audio, waveform, spectrum, fft
npm install wavefont@1.2.2



A typeface for rendering data: waveforms, spectrums, diagrams, bars etc.


The charcodes for the data fall under Letters unicode category, therefore recognized as word boundary in regexps and can be selected by Ctrl + or double click .

Latin set is covered with empty values to allow for recognizing the font by system.

Available styles:

  • wavefont-symmetrical
  • wavefont-light
  • wavefont-regular
  • wavefont-bold
  • wavefont-dots
  • wavefont-dashes
  • wavefont-outline


Include font as a @font-face directive:

@font-face {
    font-family: "wavefont";
    font-weight: normal;
    src: url("./wavefont-bars.otf");

There are 256 characters available for the levels of amplitude from -128..127 range. Use 0x200 offset for 0 level of amplitude:

'\u0180'; //-128
'\u01fe'; //-1
'\u01ff'; //-1
'\u0200'; //0
'\u0201'; //1
'\u0202'; //2
'\u027f'; //127

//ES6 strings
`\u{200}`; //0
`\u{201}`; //1
`\u{27f}`; //127

let char = String.fromCharCode(0x200 + level);

Or you can use add-font package, which inserts font to css from url or as a buffer.


To build or debug own wavefont:

npm install wavefont

You get builder function, available in node or browser:

const createFont = require('wavefont');

let font = createFont({
    name: 'wavefont',

    spacing: -1.35,

    //letter width/height proportion
    ratio: 1/64,

    //unicode range start
    //ideally the letter range, good ones (for 255 levels):
    //0x0100, 0x1100, 0x1500 0x1e00, 0xa000, 0xb000, 0xc000, 0xd000
    //symmetrical offset is 0x0200
    offset: 0x0200,

    //number of amplitude levels
    //values span from -128..-1 and 0..127
    levels: 256,

    //symmetrical mode
    symmetrical: false,

    //style - bars, [line, dashes, dots] coming
    type: 'bars',

    //values outside the amplitude range
    clip: 1.5,

    //width for spacers
    shortWidth: .15

font now is an opentype.Font instance, you can attach it to window fonts with add-font, output to stdout, download etc, see opentype.js for reference.


opentype.js — covers technical details of generating OpenType font.