Fork of winston-winlog2 - Windows Event Log logger for the node.js Winston module.

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npm install winston-winlog3@1.1.2



Fork of winston-winlog2


  • ability to set Event Id using id field of meta parameter (with range check)
  • fixed double quotes handling
var winston = require('winston'),
    winlog = require('winston-winlog3');
    //winlog = require('../../');

winston.add(winlog, { source: 'node' });'this is an info message',    { id: 1   });
winston.warn('this is an warning message', { id: 123 });
winston.error('this is an error message',  { id: 321 });

Event with ID

Original with minor changes

Windows Event Log logger for the node.js Winston module.

Exactly like the original winston-winlog, however uses coreybutler/node-windows instead of jfromaniello/windowseventlogjs so no native compiling using node-gyp is required. Also automatically pops up a UAC box if admin permissions are required.


$ npm install winston-winlog3
$ npm install winston


Configure :

  var winston = require('winston'),
      winlog = require("winston-winlog3");

  winston.add(winlog, { source: 'myapp' });

Then you can do:"this is an info message");
  winston.warn("this is an warning message");
  winston.error("this is an error message");

And you will see


Custom event log

When adding the transport you can define a custom event log as follows:

  winston.add(winlog, { source: 'myapp', eventLog: 'MyCustomEventLog' });

Then you will find your logs under "Applications and Services Logs"


How it works

This transport uses the module node-windows to log events.

The transport will do nothing (doesn't throw!) if you run it on a platform other than win32.