WoW Addons Manager

cli, wow, addon, management, World of Warcraft
npm install wowam@1.2.2



This tool allows you to install, update and remove World of Warcraft AddOns from the command line from the website.


You need a working node 4.x environment. Once you have that, use

npm install -g wowam

This will install the wam tool in your path (osx: /usr/local/bin) and allow you to use the tool.

The tool will read the WOWPATH variable to identify your WoW installation or use the default (osx: /Applications/World of Warcraft)


Installing an AddOn

wam install <addon>

The parameter represents the name of the addon as seen in the URL on curse website (eg. for BigWigs is big-wigs).

Removing an AddOn

wam uninstall <addon>

The AddOn will be removed along with all its folders. wam stores a list of folders that were created when installing the AddOn and removes all of them when you want to uninstall it

Updating your AddOns

wam update-all

wam checks all the AddOns it installed against their latest version on curse. if it finds a newer version on curse, it will download and install that.