Code driven AWS cloudformation template generator

nodejs, template, automation, aws, cloudformation
npm install wysknd-aws-cf-generator@2.9.2


AWS CF Generator Library

Use JavaScript code to generate CloudFormation scripts for infrastructure automation

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While the promise of infrastructure automation via cloud formation is exciting, anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of actually writing/updating CloudFormation scripts has realized that the process can actually be quite painful. Specifically:

  • The cloud formation scripts can get large and unweildy
  • There are significant chunks of repitetive declarations (think API response mappings)
  • It becomes increasingly hard to correctly maintain references between resources

This whole experience begs for a solution that relies more on code, and less on declarative markup for infrastructure.

What Does This Library Do?

It allows you to declare all of your resources as a collection of JavaScript files, where each file emits a JSON snippet that corresponds to the CloudFormation template for the resource. Then, you can either use the companion Grunt plugin, or write your own code (it's really easy) to generate a composite CloudFormation template that can be used to create and manage your AWS infrastructure.

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