Wrapper library that exposes methods for easy logger initialization and management

nodejs, template
npm install wysknd-log@0.0.4


NodeJS Library Template

This is a sample application template, for Node JS libraries. This template uses the following technologies:

Application Tools

  • Node JS: Core platform; engine on which all server side code executes
  • Mocha JS: Testing framework for unit testing.
  • Winston: Logging framework.

Development Tools

  • npm: Server side package manager. Manages server side dependencies (node modules).
  • grunt: Javascript task automater. Used to automate common development tasks - builds, tests, etc.

Project Structure

The project has the following structure.

 |--- lib               [Source files for the library]
 |--- test              [Test files]
 |   |--- unit          [Unit test files]
 |--- logs              [Directory for log files]
 |--- Gruntfile.js      [Grunt configuration file - provides basic tasks]
 |--- package.json      [Package configuration file - basic app info; node dependencies]
 |--- .jshintrc         [Configuration file containing JavaScript linting settings]
 |--- .gitignore        [List of files to be ignored by git]

The application and test code is completely self contained within the lib and test directories respectively.



This template may be used by cloning the repository and subsequently pointing the cloned version to an upstream remote repository.

Given that this is a starter template, it is optimal if the repository is cloned with no history by executing

git clone <url> --depth 0

Once the template has been cloned, the upstream repo that this project points to may be changed by executing

git remote remove origin
git remote add origin <url>

Alternately, the developer can choose to delete the .git directory, and reinitialize git by executing:

rm -rf .git
git init


This project template is provided with a Gruntfile that contains task definitions for most common development activities. This includes - linting, testing and bumping version numbers. It is strongly recommended that the tasks defined in the Gruntfile be leveraged to the maximum extent possible. More information can be obtained by typing:

grunt help