Yet Another Git-tag-version-release-tool

deploy, release, tag, version, semver
npm install yag@0.1.1



Yet Another Git-tag-version-release-tool

Because calling it yagtvrt would be a bit too much, right?

Use case

This tool is meant for making releases of repositories that use Git version tags following Semantic versioning. With one command, it will:

  1. Update your package.json file with the new version (e.g. from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0)
  2. Commit the file with message Release v1.3.0 and tag it as v1.3.0
  3. Push the branch and the new tag to upstream repository


Install the global NPM package, using:

As CLI tool:

$ npm install -g yag

As library:

$ npm install yag --save


As CLI tool

See yag --help:

  $ yag [<type>] [options...]

  major     Increments the major component (1.x.y -> 2.0.0)
  minor     Increments the minor component (x.1.y -> x.2.0)
  patch     Increments the minor component (x.y.1 -> x.y.2)
  pre       Increments the pre-release component (x.y.z-beta.1 -> x.y.z-beta.2)
  promote   Removes the pre-release component (x.y.z-beta -> x.y.z)

  -h --help     Show this screen
  -v --version  Show version
  -s --stable   Bump directly to stable version, skipping pre-release
  -t --tag      The pre-release tag name (default: beta)
  -y            Do not ask for confirmation at each step

As library

import {bump, release} from 'yag'

let newVersion = bump('1.2.3', 'minor', {tag: 'alpha'})
/* newVersion -> 1.3.0-alpha
The accepted options are 'tag' and 'stable', with the same behavior as the CLI.

release('minor', {tag: 'alpha'})
This is intended for command line tool usage
and will behave the same as the `yag` command.
The accepted options are 'tag', 'stable' and 'unattended' (for `-y`)



You can define hook scripts in your package.json that will be called by yag:


Will be called before anything is done, even before updating the version.

Use case: run tests to ensure that you are releasing a working version.


Will be called after patching the package.js file, but before committing.

Use case: update some other file according to the new version and put it in the same commit.


Will be called at the end, after pushing the changes.

Use case: publish an NPM package for the new release.

Default increment types

When the current version is a pre-release, the default increment will be pre. Otherwise, it will be patch. Examples:

  • 1.2.3 -> yag -> 1.2.4-beta
  • 1.2.3-beta -> yag -> 1.2.3-beta.0

Beta by default

Unless explicitly specified with the --stable options, every increment type (except for promote, obviously) will increment to a beta version. Examples:

  • 1.2.3 -> yag minor -> 1.3.0-beta
  • 1.2.3 -> yag minor --stable -> 1.3.0