Util package for Alya. Contains all classes that don't fit somewhere else. For a more insights, have a look at the GitHub Projects

Install-Package Alya.Util -Version 1.0.0



My personal web framework with web and mobile components. Alya should contain everything you need to create web and mobile apps in a very short time. The components are


Contains the entity base class (EntityBase) that is used by all other parts to work with data. The EntityBase class uses Fody.PropertyChanged, an automated implementation of the observer pattern, to make it easier to use in WPF and Xamarin projects.


Contains a base class for the DataContext (AlyaDbContextBase), that makes it easier to use Entity Framework. All Configuration should be made via the class DataAccessConfiguration. The AlyaDataContextBase gets all its configurations from this class. If you use the data access in a web project, configure it in the Global.asax (or at least initialize it from there).

Other components that are contained are the IRepository interface and the RepositoryBase class, an implementation of the repository pattern (that follows the IRepository interface). RepositoryBase uses the DataAccessConfiguration class as well.

To create repository instance for a entity class (let's say Project), the class RepositoryFactory is what you need.

  // Generates a generic Project Repository (RepositoryBase<Project>) that implements IRepository
  var projectRepository = RepositoryFactory.Create<Project>();

If you already have a custom implementation of a ProjectRepository (should also inherit from IRepository), you can create it with the RepositoryFactory as well.

  // Generates a generic Project Repository (RepositoryBase<Project>) that implements IRepository
  var projectRepository = RepositoryFactory.CreateCustom<MyProjectRepository>();


This is the piece that works togehter with the REST-Services from a client side. It also contains all the CRUD operations. (More detailed description will follow)