A cross-platform library for processing of image files written in C#

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Install-Package ChyImageProcessorCore -Version 1.0.0-alpha1031



Imageprocessor is a lightweight, extensible library written in C# that allows you to manipulate images on-the-fly using .NET 4.5+

It's fast, extensible, easy to use, comes bundled with some great features and is fully open source.

For full documentation please see

If you are looking for the new cross-platform imaging library it has moved to it's own repository ImageSharp.

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Contributing to ImageProcessor

Contribution is most welcome! I mean, that's what this is all about isn't it?

Things I would ❤️ people to help me out with:

  • Unit tests. I need to get some going for all the regular expressions within the ImageProcessor core plus anywhere else we can think of. If that's your bag please contribute.
  • Documentation. Nobody likes doing docs, I've written a lot but my prose is clumsy and verbose. If you think you can make things clearer or you spot any mistakes please submit a pull request (Guide to how the docs work below).

Just remember to StyleCop all things! 🚔


Focus for the ImageProcessor libraries has switched to the new library ImageSharp. As such very few new features will be added to this library. Bug fixes and enhancements will continue to be developed though.


ImageProcessor's documentation, included in this repo in the gh-pages branch, is built with Jekyll and publicly hosted on GitHub Pages at The docs may also be run locally.

Running documentation locally

  1. If necessary, install Jekyll (requires v2.5.3x).
  1. From the root /ImageProcessor directory, run jekyll serve in the command line.
  2. Open http://localhost:4000 in your browser to navigate to your site. Learn more about using Jekyll by reading its documentation.

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