Ensconce DotNet Tool

c-sharp, deployment, ndjango, octopus-deploy, roundhouse
Install-Package Ensconce.DotNetTool -Version



en·sconce/en'skäns/ Verb: Establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe, or secret place

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What is this?

A .net command line tool for aiding deployment of server components.

  • Update configuration files and other XML
  • Initialise/update related databases
  • Render arbitrary text files with environment specific variables
  • Move the updated files to their final locations on disk
  • Cope with multiple instances of the same component
  • Deploy SSRS reports

Deploying A Release

Each release contains a nuget package which is an Octopus deployment package.

There are 3 required variables, these are:

  • DeployPath - set to the folder you want to deploy Ensconce too
  • IncludeK8s - set to True or False depending on if you want Kubernetes deployments
  • VersionNumber - set as #{Octopus.Release.Number} in order to get the right version number

How do I use it?

  • Get a copy of your component with default configuration to the target server (at 15below we use Octopus)
  • Set up your environment; Ensconce expects one of the following environment variables sets to exist:
    • ClientCode
    • Environment
    • DeployService
  • OR
    • FixedStructure = true
  • Run Ensconce: d:\DeployTools\Ensconce.Console.exe -replace -deployFrom . -deployTo c:\targetDir -updateConfig
  • Stuff happens: check the wiki for details

NDjango Usage Notes

NDjango has been taken from https://github.com/Hill30/NDjango

This repo is no longer maintained and the nuget packages are out of date.

When taken the last commit was: https://github.com/Hill30/NDjango/commit/7dc7a0260489c76f7197dcfb69c1105f8a4c6ab8

Once inside Ensconce, the namespace were updated and code refactored and made to work with the latest frameworks