Xamarin.Android bindings for Twitter Digits

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Install-Package Fabric.Digits -Version 1.1.0



🐦 Modular Xamarin Bindings for Twitter Fabric

There are multiple implementations of bindings for Twitter Fabric. If you need to use more than one kit at a time, though, you'll start having namespace conflicts. This is bad. So I did the only possible thing: I created yet another set of bindings!

You could easily replace my brain with a machine that quotes xkcd and no one would notice the difference

This project's purpose is to make the usage of Fabric modular and simple to extend. If you ever need bindings for a new kit, you can do so by referencing the Fabric.Core package. Like that, those consuming your bindings won't have to make namespace aliases if they need your kit and someone else's.


Install via NuGet using:


PM> Install-Package Fabric.TwitterCore


PM> Install-Package Fabric.Crashlytics


Special thanks to @azchohfi's Crashlytics.Droid and @phischu's Android-Twitter-Core-Xamarin. I've always used those libraries, but needing to use them both in the same project was what made me create this project.