A plugin for ImageProcessor adding PDF as a recognized fileformat

Plugin, ImageProcessor, PDF, convert, Fileformat, GhostScript
Install-Package ImageProcessor.Plugins.PDF -Version 1.2.0


Pdf fileformat for ImageProcessor

This is a plugin for ImageProcessorThis project is a plugin for ImageProcessor. It adds PDF as a supported file format. This gives you the ability to preview the first page of a PDF file on your web page.


We use GhostScript.Net as a wrapper for GhostScript.
The good thing is, you don't need to install ghostscript on your machine. You can just copy (one or both) gsdll32.dll and gsdll64.dll in the /bin directory. These files are not provided in this packages and must be added manually.

I read that Ghostscript does not handle requests from multiple processes.
When running on a webserver, be sure to run the website in his own applicationpool.


Just add /myfile.pdf?format=jpg&width=500 to get the first page.

running locally on IIS express

If you run locally, and you have the 64 bit version of ghostscript installed, don't forget to activate 64 bit of IIS express.