Package Description

library, validation, hash, commons, productivity, csharp, c#
Install-Package Impress.Validation -Version 2.0.0



ZBRA Impress implementation for .NET Standard 2.0 compatible with .NET Core.

ZBRA Impress is a commons library containing very useful classes like Hash, Maybe , Interval or Fraction together in an assortment of useful extension methods.


  • Impress - Contains the core basics that may be useful on any and every project
  • Impress.Globalization - Contains a globalization API to correctly internationalize and localize your application. Useful even if your application has a target single language.
  • Impress.Validation - Contains a validation framework together with a annotations based validator. Creates messages compatible with the Globalization toolbox.
  • Impress.Mail - Contains a framework for sending email. It can send mail directly, using queues and/or using storable queues allowing sending mail to be part of unit of work transaction
  • Impress.Futures - Contains the concept of CompletableFuture to help make sense of parallel executions as an alternative to async/await. Depends on Impress core.
  • Impress.DomainEvents - Contains a simple Domain Event framework based on the Observer/Listener pattern


Toolboxes are available at

  • Impress -
  • Impress.Globalization - not yet published
  • Impress.Validation - not yet published
  • Impress.Mail - not yet published
  • Impress.Futures - not yet published
  • Impress.DomainEvents - not yet published