HTTP components for building lightweight integration processes.

xslt, integration, sftp, ftp, json, rest, xml
Install-Package Integround.Components.Http -Version


Integround Components

Integround.Components is a collection of open source integration components to help you build custom integration solutions easily. These components can be used in any .NET application to make it easier to execute many integration-related tasks without writing all code by yourself.

Also check out the possibility to host your processes in Microsoft Azure cloud using the Integround Hubi platform. It makes hosting your custom integration solutions super easy.

Here's the list of released Integround Components. Many more to come. All these components are released under MIT license and are also available as nuget packages.

  • Integround.Components.Core : Core library contains the core classes for processes and basic components like xslt & flat file conversions.
  • Integround.Components.Azure.ServiceBus : Azure.ServiceBus library contains components for communicating with Azure Service Bus.
  • Integround.Components.Files.Ftp : Files.Ftp library contains client components for communicating with FTP/SFTP servers. **Note:* these components depend on Rebex libraries which require third-party licensing.*
  • Integround.Components.Http : Http library contains components for publishing HTTP interfaces and consuming REST services.
  • Integround.Components.Log. : Log libraries contain components for logging messages to various destinations.


Coming soon...


Integround Oy was incorporated in Helsinki, Finland in June 2012. We are specialized in system integration solutions and have vast experience in .NET development & cloud integrations hosted in Microsoft Azure. We are committed to an open source strategy to support successful integration projects everywhere.

We welcome all your feedback and contributions. Fork, live long and prosper.