Component Models for implementing JobStorage-Providers

Install-Package Jobbr.ComponentModel.JobStorage -Version 1.5.0


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Component Models for implementing JobStorage-Providers

This Repository contains specifications, aka. Component Models for implementing additional Job Storage Providers for Jobbr.

What is Jobbr? Jobbr is a .NET job server. It is designed to reduce artifical complexity when a job server is needed in a project. Jobbr tries to get out of your way as much as possible so that you can focus on business logic. Job implementations have no dependency to Jobbr which makes it easy to integrate Jobbr in any .NET project.

Please see ReadTheDocs/Architecture for the general approach and information how Component Models work. Don't miss the chance to read ReadTheDocs/Extend Jobbr if you want to build your own component for Jobbr.


There is no issue tracker, please head to the concrete implementation of your Job Storage Providers in use or create an issue on the jobbrIO/jobbr-server repository.