An MSBuild target for linting TypeScript code using Lesshint.

Lesshint, msbuild
Install-Package Lesshint.MSBuild -Version 1.0.0-beta0


Lesshint for MSBuild

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An MSBuild target for linting Less code using Lesshint. Get it at nuget.org.


Add this package using the Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager. It should be automatically added to your project.

Define a LessCompile property in your .csproj/.targets consisting of the names of .less files to lint.


At runtime, the list of .less files from LessCompile is output to a temporary .txt file. A .js runner file then takes in the path to that file list and runs Lesshint on them.

The following properties may be overidden via your targets:

  • LesshintAfterTargets - MSBuild AfterTargets for the Lesshint target.
  • LesshintBreakBuildOnError - Whether linting failures should break the build. Defaults to false.
  • LesshintConfig - Path to the configuration file to use (will be merged with defaults).
  • LesshintDeleteFileListFile - Whether to delete the file list file when done. Defaults to true.
  • LesshintExclude - An optional minimatch glob pattern or a file to exclude from being linted.
  • LesshintFilesRootDir - A root directory to work within. Defaults to $(MSBuildProjectDirectory).
  • LesshintFileListDir - The directory to put the file list in. Defaults to $(IntermediateOutDir).
  • LesshintFileListName - The name of the file list file. Defaults to LesshintFileList.txt-$(MSBuildProjectName).
  • LesshintLinters - Require paths of custom linters to add to the built-in list.
  • LesshintNodeExe - A node executable to execute the runner script. Defaults to the tools\node-5.9.0.exe in the package.
  • LesshintRunnerScript - The .js file to take in LesshintFileListFile. Defaults to the tools\runner.js in the package.


Run the following commands to initialize your environment:

npm install
typings install

Run grunt to build.