Microsoft Azure C Shared Utility

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Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.C.SharedUtility -Version 1.1.11


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Azure C Shared Utility

azure-c-shared-utility is a C library providing common functionality for basic tasks (like string, list manipulation, IO, etc.).


azure-c-shared-utility provides 3 tlsio implementations:

  • tlsio_schannel - runs only on Windows
  • tlsio_openssl - depends on OpenSSL being installed
  • tlsio_wolfssl - depends on WolfSSL being installed

azure-c-shared-utility depends on curl for HTTPAPI for Linux.

azure-c-shared-utility uses cmake for configuring build files.


  1. Clone azure-c-shared-utility using the recursive option:
git clone --recursive
  1. Create a folder called cmake under azure-c-shared-utility

  2. Switch to the cmake folder and run

cmake ..
  1. Build
cmake --build .

Installation and Use

Optionally, you may choose to install azure-c-shared-utility on your machine:

  1. Switch to the cmake folder and run

    cmake -Duse_installed_dependencies=ON ../
    cmake --build . --target install

    or install using the follow commands for each platform:

    On Linux:

    sudo make install

    On Windows:

    msbuild /m INSTALL.vcxproj
  2. Use it in your project (if installed)

    find_package(azure_c_shared_utility REQUIRED CONFIG)
    target_link_library(yourlib aziotsharedutil)

If running tests, this requires that umock-c, azure-ctest, and azure-c-testrunnerswitcher are installed (through CMake) on your machine.

Building the tests

In order to build the tests use:

cmake .. -Drun_unittests:bool=ON

Configuration options

In order to turn on/off the tlsio implementations use the following CMAKE options:

  • -Duse_schannel:bool={ON/OFF} - turns on/off the SChannel support
  • -Duse_openssl:bool={ON/OFF} - turns on/off the OpenSSL support. If this option is use an environment variable name OpenSSLDir should be set to point to the OpenSSL folder.
  • -Duse_wolfssl:bool={ON/OFF} - turns on/off the WolfSSL support. If this option is use an environment variable name WolfSSLDir should be set to point to the WolfSSL folder.
  • -Duse_http:bool={ON/OFF} - turns on/off the HTTP API support.
  • -Duse_installed_dependencies:bool={ON/OFF} - turns on/off building azure-c-shared-utility using installed dependencies. This package may only be installed if this flag is ON.
  • -Drun_unittests:bool={ON/OFF} - enables building of unit tests. Default is OFF.

Porting to new devices

Instructions for porting the Azure IoT C SDK to new devices are located here.