Package Description

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Install-Package Miru.Testing -Version 0.4.5


NuGet Build

About Miru

Miru is an open-source opinionated full-stack framework for developing ASP.NET Core web applications.

Miru bundles great libraries and techniques together to make you focus on building features for your application. It's well organized, Features oriented, easy to build Tests, queue Jobs, send Emails, use Logging, comes with Bootstrap layout, Webpack, Command-line to execute tasks, and much more. It's open-source with MIT license.

Miru is in an early stage. It might change a lot before 1.0. Don't consider using it in production yet

Getting Started

The best way is going through the Documentation


Another way to learn about Miru is checking the Samples' source code:

How To Build

To build Miru's source code is required: .NET 5, node.js, and npm.

To build, in the source code root, use build or on linux ./build:

build compile

To run tests:

build test


Miru is licensed under the MIT license.