Portable KeePass Password Management Library that targets .Net Standard and WinRT. Allows reading, editing and writing to KeePass 2.x databases.

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Install-Package ModernKeePassLib -Version 2.45.1


Quality Gate Status


ModernKeePass is port of the classic Windows application KeePass 2.x for the Windows Store.
It does not aim to be feature perfect, but aims at being simple to use and user-friendly.

You can get it here


  • Works on Windows 10, 8.1 and RT
  • Full compatibility with classic KeePass databases: read and write support of KDBX files version 2, 3 and 4
  • Open database with password and key file
  • Create new databases
  • Create new key files
  • Create, edit and delete groups and entries
  • Generate passwords for entries
  • Use Recycle Bin
  • Search entries
  • Sort and reorder entries
  • View, delete and restore from entry history
  • Use Semantic Zoom to see your entries in a grouped mode
  • List recently opened databases
  • Open a database from Windows Explorer
  • Change database encryption
  • Change database compression
  • Change database key derivation
  • Displays and change entry colors and icons
  • Move entries and groups from a group to another
  • Entry custom fields (view, add, update, delete)
  • Entry attachments (view, add, delete)

Build and Test

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Build the main app (the library reference dll is actually a NuGet dependency, built from the ModernKeePassLib project)
  3. Edit the .appxmanifest file to select another certificate (you can create one using Visual Studio or certutil.exe)


I'm not the best at creating nice assets, so if anyone would like to contribute some nice icons, it would be awesome :) Otherwise, there are still many things left to implement:

  • Multi entry selection (for delete, or move)
  • Import existing data from CSV, JSON, or XML
  • Open database from URL (and maybe some clouds?)


Dominik Reichl for the KeePass application, library and file format
David Lechner for his PCL adapatation of the KeePass Library and the related tests which served as an inspiration basis for my own adaptation