Autofac integration for Quartz.Net

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Install-Package Obsolete.Autofac.Extras.Quartz -Version 3.4.1



Autofac integration package for Quartz.Net.

Autofac.Extras.Quartz creates nested litefime scope for each Quartz Job. Nested scope is disposed after job execution has been completed.

This allows to have single instance per job execution as well as deterministic disposal of resources.

Install package via Nuget: install-package Autofac.Extras.Quartz

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Usage example

Autofac configuration for Quartz consists of two steps:

  1. Scheduler registration
  2. Job registration

Scheduler registration

QuartzAutofacFactoryModule registers custom ISchedulerFactory and default instance of IScheduler in Autofac container. Both factory and schedulere are registered as singletones. Note: Is is important to resolve IScheduler from container, rather than using default one to get jobs resolved by Autofac.

Optionally custom Quartz configuration can be passed using ConfigurationProvider property. Provider is callback which returns settings using NameValueCollection.

Job registration

QuartzAutofacJobsModule scans given assemblies and registers all non-abstract implementors of IJob interface as transient instances.

internal static ContainerBuilder ConfigureContainer(ContainerBuilder cb)
	// 1) Register IScheduler
	cb.RegisterModule(new QuartzAutofacFactoryModule()); 
	// 2) Register jobs
	cb.RegisterModule(new QuartzAutofacJobsModule(typeof (CleanupExpiredAnnouncemetsJob).Assembly));

Starting Quartz

Make sure to start the scheduler after it was resolved from Autofac. E.g.

var scheduler = _container.Resolve<IScheduler>();

Sample projects

  • See src/Samples/Console for .NetCore console application.
  • src/Samples/Shared contains source code shared between samples.

TopShelf-based sample was removed since Topshelf.Quartz is not compatible with Quartz 3 as af now.