OneRosterOAuth 1.0.0

OneRoster OAuth Package


Platform: NuGet

Language: C#

Keywords: OneRoster, ClassLink, OAuth

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Install: Install-Package OneRosterOAuth -Version 1.0.0

OneRoster OAuth .NET Plugin


// include the library
using OneRosterOAuth;

// Initialize new OneRosterConnection, inputting your Key and Secret
var connection = new OneRosterConnection(oneRosterKey, oneRosterSecret);

// Hit users endpoint, requesting only 1 active user
// use OneRosterConnection.urlEncode for OAuth-safe url encoding
var filter = "filter=" + connection.urlEncode("status='active'");
var url = "" + filter;
HttpResponseMessage response = await connection.makeRequest(url);

// Get response status code
var statusCode = response.StatusCode;

// Get response content
var content = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();


1.0.0 January 06, 2017

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