ASP.NET Core Dynamic Restful WebApi. Generating WebApi from Classes. Such as: Direct Generation of WebApi Based on Business Logic Layer.

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Install-Package Panda.DynamicWebApi -Version 1.0.5



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Panda.DynamicWebApi is a component that dynamically generates WebApi. The generated API conforms to the Restful style and is inspired by ABP. It can generate WebApi based on qualified classes. The logic is directly called by the MVC framework. There is no performance problem. It is perfectly compatible with Swagger to build the API documentation. There is no difference compared with manually writing the Controller.

Application Scenario: The application logic layer in the DDD architecture, which can be used to directly generate WebApi without using the Controller.

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1.Quick Start

(1)Create a new ASP.NET Core WebApi (or MVC) project

(2)Install Package

Install-Package Panda.DynamicWebApi

(3)Create a class named AppleAppService, implement the IDynamicWebApi interface, and add the attribute [DynamicWebApi]

public class AppleAppService: IDynamicWebApi
    private static readonly Dictionary<int,string> Apples=new Dictionary<int, string>()
        [1]="Big Apple",
        [2]="Small Apple"

    /// <summary>
    /// Get An Apple.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="id"></param>
    /// <returns></returns>
    public string Get(int id)
        if (Apples.ContainsKey(id))
            return Apples[id];
            return "No Apple!";

    /// <summary>
    /// Get All Apple.
    /// </summary>
    /// <returns></returns>
    public IEnumerable<string> Get()
        return Apples.Values;

    public void Update(UpdateAppleDto dto)
        if (Apples.ContainsKey(dto.Id))
            Apples[dto.Id] =dto.Name;

    /// <summary>
    /// Delete Apple
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="id">Apple Id</param>
    public void Delete(int id)
        if (Apples.ContainsKey(id))


(4)Register DynamicWebApi in Startup

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

(5)Add Swagger


After running the browser, visit <your project address>/swagger/index.html and you will see the WebApi generated for our AppleAppService.


This quick start Demo Address: link


(1)There are two conditions that need to be met for a class to generate a dynamic API. One is that the class direct or indirect implements IDynamicWebApi, and the class itself or parent abstract class or Implemented interface has the property DynamicWebApi

(2)Adding the attribute [NonDynamicWebApi] allows a class or a method to not generate an API, and [NonDynamicWebApi] has the highest priority.

(3)The suffix of the dynamic API class name that conforms to the rule is deleted. For example, our quick start AppleAppService will delete the AppService suffix. This rule can be dynamically configured.

(4)The API route prefix is automatically added, and the api prefix is added by default for all APIs.

(5)The default HTTP verb is POST, which can be understood as the Http Method of the API. But it can be overridden by HttpGet/HttpPost/HttpDelete and other ASP.NET Core built-in attribute.

(6)You can override the default route with built-in attribute such as HttpGet/HttpPost/HttpDelete

(7)By default, HTTP verbs are set according to your method name. For example, the API verb generated by CreateApple or Create is POST. The comparison table is as follows. If you hit (ignore uppercase) the comparison table, then this part of the API name will be Omitted, such as CreateApple will become Apple, if not in the following comparison table, will use the default verb POST

MethodName Start With Http Verb
create POST
add POST
post POST
get GET
find GET
fetch GET
query GET
update PUT
put PUT
delete DELETE
remove DELETE

(8)It is highly recommended that the method name use the PascalCase specification and use the verbs from the above table. Such as:

Create Apple Info-> Add/AddApple/Create/CreateApple

Update Apple Info -> Update/UpdateApple


(9)The [DynamicWebApi] attribute can be inherited, so it is forbidden to be placed on a parent class other than an abstract class or interface for the parent class to be misidentified.


All configurations are in the object DynamicWebApiOptions, as explained below:

Property Require 说明
DefaultHttpVerb False Default:POST.
DefaultAreaName False Default:Empty.
DefaultApiPrefix False Default:api. Web API route prefix.
RemoveControllerPostfixes False Default:AppService/ApplicationService. The suffix of the class name that needs to be removed.
RemoveActionPostfixes False Default:Async. Method name needs to be removed from the suffix.
FormBodyBindingIgnoredTypes False Default:IFormFile。Ignore type for MVC Form Binding.


If you encounter problems, you can use Issues to ask questions.

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