Library for defining content types with Attributes.

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Install-Package Piranha.AttributeBuilder -Version 7.0.0


Welcome to Piranha.Core

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This is a complete rewrite of Piranha CMS for NetStandard. The goal of this rewrite is to create a version capable of targeting multiple platforms & frameworks with minimal depenencies, but still provide a flexible & high performance CMS library.

Piranha is currently built for NetStandard 2.0 and uses the following awesome packages:

  • Markdig 0.15.0
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.2.0
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore 2.2.0
  • Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2

Getting started


Get the latest source code and get going

> git clone
> cd piranha.core
> dotnet restore
> dotnet build
> cd examples/MvcWeb
> dotnet run

Log into the Manager

The default credentials for the example projects as well as the templates are:

admin / password

For production scenarios we advice you to remove this user, or change the password and update the password strength policy.

Build and update javascript/css assets

> cd piranha.core/core/Piranha.Manager
> npm install
> bower install
> cd ../../examples/MvcWeb
> npm install
> bower install

Visual Studio users

For people running Visual Studio 2017 almost all of the above steps will be handled by the IDE. Just get the source code, open the .sln file and you're good to go.


Support Piranha CMS with a monthly donation and help us focus on giving you even more features and better support. Piranha CMS @ Open Collective