Composable high performance event streaming pipelines

eventsourcing, cosmosdb, fsharp, eventstore, changefeedprocessor, kafka
Install-Package Propulsion.EventStore -Version 1.0.1-rc2


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This is pre-production code; unfortunately it's also pre-documentation atm (will be adding more over the coming weeks)


See the Equinox QuickStart covers the Kafka aspect to a minor degree, but really, this is still a TODO item - for now the best place to look for examples and/or to infer a raison d'etre is to look in


The components within this repository are delivered as a multi-targeted Nuget package targeting net461 (F# 3.1+) and netstandard2.0 (F# 4.5+) profiles

  • NuGet Propulsion. Implements core functionality in a channel-independent fashion including ParallelProjector, StreamsProjector. Depends on Serilog
  • NuGet Propulsion.Cosmos. Provides bindings to Azure CosmosDb a) writing to Equinox.Cosmos :- CosmosSink b) reading from CosmosDb's changefeed by wrapping the dotnet-changefeedprocessor library :- CosmosSource. Depends on Equinox.Cosmos, Serilog, Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.ChangeFeedProcessor
  • NuGet Propulsion.EventStore. Provides bindings to EventStore, writing via Propulsion.EventStore.EventStoreSink Depends on Equinox.EventStore, Serilog
  • NuGet Propulsion.Kafka. Provides bindings for producing and consuming both streamwise and in parallel. Includes a standard codec for use with streamwise projection and consumption, Propulsion.Kafka.Codec.RenderedSpan. Depends on Jet.ConfluentKafka.FSharp, Serilog

The ubiquitous Serilog dependency is solely on the core module, not any sinks, i.e. you configure to emit to NLog etc.


Please raise GitHub issues for any questions so others can benefit from the discussion.

This is an Open Source project for many reasons, with some central goals:

  • quality reference code (the code should be clean and easy to read; where it makes sense, it should remain possible to clone it locally and use it in tweaked form)
  • optimal resilience and performance (getting performance right can add huge value for some systems, i.e., making it prettier but disrupting the performance would be bad)
  • this code underpins non-trivial production systems (having good tests is not optional for reasons far deeper than having impressive coverage stats)

We'll do our best to be accomodating to PRs and issues, but please appreciate that we emphasize decisiveness for the greater good of the project and its users; new features start with -100 points.

Within those constraints, contributions of all kinds are welcome:

  • raising Issues is always welcome (but we'll aim to be decisive in the interests of keeping the list navigable).
  • bugfixes with good test coverage are always welcome; in general we'll seek to move them to NuGet prerelease and then NuGet release packages with relatively short timelines (there's unfortunately not presently a MyGet feed for CI packages rigged).
  • improvements / tweaks, subject to filing a GitHub issue outlining the work first to see if it fits a general enough need to warrant adding code to the implementation and to make sure work is not wasted or duplicated


The best place to start, sample-wise is with the QuickStart, which walks you through sample code, tuned for approachability, from dotnet new templates stored in a dedicated repo.


Please note the QuickStart is probably the best way to gain an overview, and the templates are the best way to see how to consume it; these instructions are intended mainly for people looking to make changes.

NB The Propulsion.Kafka.Integration tests are reliant on a TEST_KAFKA_BROKER environment variable pointing to a Broker that has been configured to auto-create ephemeral Kafka Topics as required by the tests (each test run writes to a guid-named topic)

build, including tests on net461 and netcoreapp2.1

dotnet build build.proj -v n


What's the deal with the history of this repo?

This repo is derived from Jet.ConfluentKafka.FSharp; the history has been edited to focus only on edits to the Propulsion libraries.

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