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random, testing, numbers, text, unicode, html, regex
Install-Package RandomizedTesting -Version 2.7.8-beta-0001


Randomized Testing

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This is a C# port of the only the generators from the Java randomizedtesting library.

In addition to the random generators, the RandomExtensions class contains several useful low-level extension methods for generating numbers, text (html-like, regex-like, unicode, realistic unicode), random picks from collections, or random regular expression instances.

Random Generator Examples

// Create a System.Random instance
Random random = new Random();

// Create a random bool
bool boolValue = random.NextBoolean();

// Create a random long
long longValue = random.NextInt64();

// Create a random long between 10 (inclusive) and 100 (inclusive)
long longRangeValue = random.NextInt64(minValue: 10, maxValue: 100);

// Create a random float
float floatValue = random.NextSingle();

// Create a random BigInteger (from System.Numerics)
BigInteger bigIntValue = random.NextBigInteger();

// Pick a random KeyValuePair from a generic dictionary
var dictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>
    ["one"] = "oneValue",
    ["two"] = "twoValue",
    ["three"] = "threeValue",
    ["four"] = "fourValue",
    ["five"] = "fiveValue",
KeyValuePair<string, string> kvp = random.NextFrom(dictionary);

// Pick a random element from an array
var array = new int[] { 1, 4, 7, 10, 14, 74, 136 };
var arrayElement = random.RandomFrom(array);

// Create a random string (plain ASCII)
string asciiValue = random.NextSimpleString(maxLength: 15);

// Create a random string with specific chars
string specValue = random.NextSimpleStringRange(minChar: 'A', maxChar: 'F', maxLength: 10);

// Create a random Unicode string (may contain surrogate pairs)
string unicodeValue = random.NextUnicodeString(maxLength: 20);

// Create a random realistic Unicode string (random characters picked from the same Unicode block)
string realUnicodeValue = random.NextRealisticUnicodeString(maxLength: 30);

// Fill part of a char[] with random Unicode characters
char[] chars = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.".ToCharArray();
random.NextFixedLengthUnicodeString(chars, startIndex: 8, length: 20);

// Generate a random regex-like string
string regexLike = random.NextRegexishString(maxLength: 20);

// Generate a random HTML-like string
string htmlLike = random.NextHtmlishString(numElements: 144);

// Randomly recase a string
string toRecase = "This Is A Pascal Cased String";
string recased = random.NextStringRecasing(toRecase);

// Generate a random Regex that compiles
Regex pattern = random.NextRegex();