Simple REST and HTTP API Client

Install-Package RestSharp -Version 109.0.2-alpha.0.2


RestSharp - Simple .NET REST Client

RestSharp is a lightweight HTTP client library. It's a wrapper around HttpClient, not a full-fledged client on its own.

What RestSharp adds to HttpClient:

  • Default parameters of any kind, not just headers
  • Add a parameter of any kind to requests, like query, URL segment, header, cookie, or body
  • Multiple ways to add a request body, including JSON, XML, and form data
  • Built-in serialization and deserilization of JSON and XML

RestSharp is supported by AWS.

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RestSharp vNext (v107+)

Finally, RestSharp has moved to HttpClient. We also deprecated the following:

  • SimpleJson in favour of System.Text.Json.JsonSerialzer
  • IRestClient, IRestRequest, and IRestResponse in favour of implementing classes
  • Everything Http and IHttp as those are just wrappers

Most of the client and some of the request options are now in RestClientOptions.

Check v107+ docs for more information.

💥 Interfaces rage!
Before you start to rage in public about interfaces that are useful for unit-testing HTTP calls,
please read this page.

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