Package Description

c-sharp, cpp, interoperability, sharpdx
Install-Package SharpGen.Doc.Msdn -Version 1.0.3


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Code-gen tools forked from SharpDX and independently mantained.


  • Accurate, fast code-gen for C++ and COM interfaces from their C++ headers.
  • No dependencies on .NET Runtime COM support
  • Supports passing code-gen information through MSBuild project and package references
  • Pluggable Runtime Library Name (default library is SharpGen.Runtime)
    • Projects such as SharpDX could change to "SharpDX" to not break compatibility


  • SharpGen
    • The code-gen engine that runs CastXML to parse the C++ and then generates the C#.
  • SharpPatch
    • Patches the calli instructions for efficient COM interop as well as other constructs not possible in C#
  • SharpGenTools.Sdk
    • MSBuild tooling to integrate SharpGen and SharpPatch directly into projects
  • SharpGen.Interactive
    • Legacy command line front-end for SharpGen with Windows Forms progress dialog
    • The original SharpGen application
  • SharpPatch.Cli
    • Legacy command line front-end for SharpPatch
    • The original SharpCli application


To Use

  • Any projects using the SDK to generate code must use new SDK-style projects with MSBuild 15.3 or higher (.NET Core 2.0 SDK or VS 2017.3)
  • Make any mapping files a SharpGenMapping item in your .csproj.

To Build

  • MSBuild 15.3
  • Visual C++ Tools (Toolset v140 or newer)
  • Windows 10.0.15063 SDK (Creators Update)
  • .NET Core 2.0
  • Desktop .NET Workload (for SharpGen.Interactive)