A library for generating coherent noise (utility library).

Install-Package SharpNoise.Utilities -Version



A library for generating coherent noise. It can be used to procedurally create natural-looking textures (such as wood, stone, or clouds), terrain heightmaps, normal maps, and a lot more.

SharpNoise is a loose port of Jason Bevins' libNoise to C#. SharpNoise is published unter the terms of the Gnu LGPL 3.

Available on NuGet:


SharpNoise has modules as building blocks for noise generators. There are two kinds of modules:

  • Generator modules, which produce noise values and have no sources
  • Modifier and Combiner modules, which take one or more source modules and produce a new output from the values of their sources.

These modules can be joined together in a tree of noise modules to generate very complex noise patterns.

Example Applications

To see how to use SharpNoise, check out the example applications:

There is a separate solution with the example applications in the Examples/ folder.


I think SharpNoise is in a pretty OK state and am not doing a lot of work on it any more. However, I would like to fix any bugs or other issues that crop up. So if anything's not right, please let me know.