A cross-platform .NETStandard library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol and can use System.IO.Stream, System.IO.Pipelines or WebSocket so you can use it with any transport.

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Install-Package StreamJsonRpc -Version 2.7.66-alpha



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StreamJsonRpc is a cross-platform, .NET portable library that implements the JSON-RPC wire protocol.

It works over Stream, WebSocket, or System.IO.Pipelines pipes, independent of the underlying transport.

Bonus features beyond the JSON-RPC spec include:

  1. Request cancellation
  2. .NET Events as notifications
  3. Dynamic client proxy generation
  4. Support for compact binary serialization via MessagePack
  5. Pluggable architecture for custom message handling and formatting.

Learn about the use cases for JSON-RPC and how to use this library from our documentation.

Supported platforms

  • .NET Standard 2.0 (e.g. .NET Framework 4.7.2, .NET Core 2.1+)


This library has been tested with and is compatible with the following other JSON-RPC libraries: