System admin plugin asp net core plugin manager. display internal statistics

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Install-Package SystemAdmin.Plugin -Version 3.0.0



.Net Core Plugin Manager, extend web applications using plugin technology

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if asked to login this requires the following details:

Username: admin Password: password

It only uses mock data providers and will reset periodically

Current Version

Version 3.0.0


Extend website with plugin technology.

PM> Install-Package AspNetCore.PluginManager -Version 3.0.0

See for setup and configuration.

Build Prerequisites

In order to build the latest version both Visual Studio 2019 and Net Core 3.0 (currently pre release from

You may also need to enable Net Core 3 Preview in Visual Studio (

Memory Cache Plugin

Provides memory cache capability for any application or middleware.

See for setup and configuration.

User Session Middleware

Manage user sessions within Controllers.

See for setup and configuration.


Manage cache-control headers for user defined routes. Add browser caching for static files like .js, .css and image files etc.

See for setup and configuration.

Deny Spider

Automatically generate robots.txt file from attributes applied to conntroller classes and methods. If used in conjunction with UserSession Manager it will provide a forbidden response if a bot/spider attempts to go to a denied path.

See for setup and configuration.

Restrict Ip

Automatically restricts a route to specific Ip Addresses.

Geo Ip

Integrates GeoIp services for internal use, or use with User Session Middleware

System Admin

Displays Application specific system data

Bad Egg

Nobody likes it when people don't play fair, the bad egg plugin is designed to complete 2 functions.

the first is to restrict the maximum connections per minute for an Ip Address. The second is to look at query strings and form input values, and determine whether the connection is attempting to use Sql injection techniques. This provides a "probability" and it is down to the host application to white/black list Ip addresses.

Error Manager

Manages exceptions and 404 errors, allows implementation to provide a replacement for missing pages. All other errors are notified but will not be notified again until after a timeout period, which prevents spamming on errors.