Basic Services and Resources Development Library for .Net.

Tethys, Framework, Windows
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Basic Services and Resources Development Library for .Net

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  • Tethys - netstandard2.0 library with common code for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows 8 projects.
  • Tethys.Forms - library with common code for Windows Forms applications.
  • Tethys.Win - library with common for .Net Windows applications.

Get Packages

Nuget packages are available, see the following links

Main Features


  • AssemblyXxxAttribute - attirbutes to add release date and release type information to AssemblyInfo.cs.
  • Ringbuffer - a circular buffer.
  • TextParse - an elaborate text parsing class.
  • SimpleDiff - a simple (but for most cases sufficient) file/text line comparer.
  • ByteArrayConversion - byte array conversion methods.


Tethys.Forms contains a lot of WinForms custom controls:

  • ApplicationErrorReporter[Form] - a window to display (unhandled) application exceptions in a proper way.
  • CenteredMessageBox - a WinForms message box that is centered over the parent and not center on the screen.
  • ComboBoxItem - a helper class for handling combo boxes.
  • FilterTextBox - a textbox where you can limit what is displayed.
  • RecentFileList - a 'most recent file' addon for WinForms menues.
  • SplashScreen - a simple splash screen control.
  • LedControl - a control that looks like an LED.
  • TableLayoutPanelSizable - an enhanced TableLayoutPanel. The cells sizes of this table can be resized dynamically during runtime.
  • TimeoutMessageBox - a message box that automatically disappears after a given time.
  • VerticalProgressBar - a vertical progress bar.
  • VerticalText - a simple control to display text vertically.


  • TethysAppConfig - a helper class to read/write application configuration in an XML file.
  • Checksum implementations: CRC16, CRC32, XCRC.
  • Enconding hepler classes: CodePageEncoding, GermanEnconding, SerialPortEncoding.
  • Win32Api - support for many many Win32 methods.



  • Visual Studio 2017

Symbols for conditional compilation

  • WINDOWS ==> Windows platform
  • NETFX_CORE ==> Windows 8 / WinRT / Metro applications
  • WINDOWS_PHONE ==> Windows Phone platform
  • SILVERLIGHT ==> Silverlight platform
  • NET45 ==> .Net version 4.5 and later


Not all code is from me. Code parts are from:

Copyright & License

Copyright 1998-2020 T. Graf

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


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