Custom image controls for your Xamarin.Forms. RoundedImage with customizable border radius, thickness and color. TintedImage with tint effect (iOS only for now).

xamarin, utils, pcl, xamarin.forms, ios
Install-Package Uniforms.Images -Version 0.3.5



Custom images controls and helpers for Xamarin.Forms


Install via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package Uniforms.Images

You may also clone repository and add projects directly to your solution. Just don't forget to add references.

Tinted Image

TintedImage extends Image and adds TintColor property.

Available for iOS and Android at the moment.

Rounded Image

RoundedImage extends Image class and supports arbitrary border radius as well as border color and thickness.

Available for iOS and Android at the moment.


  1. Init renderer in platform specific project like that:

    #if __IOS__
    Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init ();
    Uniforms.Images.iOS.RoundedImageRenderer.Init ();
    Uniforms.Images.iOS.TintedImageRenderer.Init ();
    #if __ANDROID__
    Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init (activity, bundle);
    Uniforms.Images.Droid.RoundedImageRenderer.Init ();
    Uniforms.Images.Droid.TintedImageRenderer.Init ();
  2. Add usage statement and just use RoundedImage class:

    using Uniforms.Images;
    // ...
    var image = new RoundedImage {
        Aspect = Aspect.AspectFill,
        HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center,
        BorderRadius = 10,
        WidthRequest = 100,
        HeightRequest = 50,
        Source = "photo.jpg"

If you need circle image, you may also specify BorderRadius = -1.0 and it will be automatically set to half of the image size.

Note the Aspect and HorizontalOptions parameters values, they could prevent unwanted stretching in layout.

Based on Xam.Plugins.Forms.ImageCircle plugin and provides the same basic interface.