Provides coarse-grained access to VersionOne Asset objects via the REST-based HTTP API for building custom applications against the VersionOne platform.

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Install-Package VersionOne.SDK.APIClient -Version 15.3.1


VersionOne .NET SDK

Copyright (c) 2020 Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

The VersionOne .NET SDK is a free and open-source library that accelerates software development of applications that integrate with VersionOne. The SDK serves as a wrapper to the VersionOne REST API, eliminating the need to code the infrastructure necessary for direct handling of HTTP requests and responses.

The .NET SDK is open source and is licensed under a modified BSD license, which reflects our intent that software built with a dependency on the SDK can be for commercial and/or open source products.

System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.5.1

Supported IDEs for Development

  • Visual Studio 2013

Adding the .NET SDK to your Project

Use the NuGet package manager from Visual Studio or nuget.exe. Search for VersionOne.SDK.NET.APIClient to find the precompiled package.

Alternatively, the compiled version of the .NET SDK is available as a downloadable ZIP file from the VersionOne Application Catalog. When you extract the ZIP file, you will find a file named VersionOne.SDK.APIClient-XXX.dll that you can reference in your .NET project.

Vewing the Documentation

Conceptual documentation with code samples for the .NET SDK is available in the VersionOne Developer Library.

Getting Help

While we strive to make the SDK as easy to use as possible, you may still occasionally need some help, and there are a few different ways you can get it:

  • Code Samples: A growing list of recipes for working with the VersionOne API. Check here first to see if an answer already exists.
  • StackOverflow: For asking question of the VersionOne Developer Community.
  • VersionOne Support: Our support team is well versed in the VersionOne API, including accessing it via the SDK.
  • VersionOne Technical Services: A paid support offering, this team provides API training, development pairing, and complete custom development services.