A data grid to display the data retrieved from webapi or a rest service. The grid will display data for any entity.You just need to call the GetValues method on html table as: $("tblEmployees").GetValues(({ URL: "/api/values1/",IdColumn: "RollNo"}); .URL is the URL of the REST service.IdColumn is the column that uniquely identifies an entity To use the grid and display the data on a page 1.include the follwing js and css in the web page script src="../Scripts/WebGrid.js" type="text/javascript" link href="../Content/GridStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" Grid control also uses jquery ,so also reference the jquery library on the page. 2.Declare html table on the page 3.Call the GetValues method on the declared table $("IdOfTable").GetValues({ URL: "/api/ControllerName/", IdColumn: "NameofPrimaryKeyColumn" 4.Add the following attribute to the Controller class WebGrid.PagingAttribute(EntityId = "AnyIdentifier", PageSize = SizeOfPage, EntityType = typeof(TypeOfEntity) 5.Derive the controller class from the CustomController class. You can also sort the displayed data by clicking the grid column headers

Install-Package WebAPIDataGrid -Version 1.4.3