A Loader made with Lottie animation for Xamarin.Forms

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Install-Package Xamarin.CustomControls.LottieLoader -Version 1.0.2


Custom Controls for Xamarin Forms

Hi everybody, I finally find the time to bring some documentation to my awesome collection of XF controls. They are all pure XF controls with no platform-specific code at all. Since I'm very lazy, I will use this single file for all controls. Pardon my englysh and my foolishness, I'm italian.


Name Useless Description Nuget
StateButton A button with On/Off state Link
BadgeButton A button that's nothing but a lot of talk and a badge Link
AccordionView Classic accordion-style control Link
RepeaterView RepeaterView Link
WrapRepeaterView Same as RepeaterView, but it spans multiple columns Link
ProgressBarView You don't like native progressbar, don't you? Neither do I! Link
AutoCompleteView (discontinued) Use at your own risk Link

Platform Support

Platform Supported
Xamarin.iOS Yes
Xamarin.Android Yes
Anything else BIG NO

UWP and other platforms are not supported, but since controls are pure XF they should work fine everywhere; I don't have tested them and I don't give support, but if you want to contribute let me know and I'll consider PRs.


As the name should suggest, this is a Button with off/on state. Properties are:

public string Text{ get; set; }
public bool StateChangeEnabled { get; set; } 
public bool IsPressed { get; set; }
public Color TextColor { get; set; }
public TextPosition TextPosition{ get; set; }
public Color ActiveBackgroundColor{ get; set; }
public Color ActiveTextColor{ get; set; }
public Color BorderColor{ get; set; }
public Color ActiveBorderColor{ get; set; }
public ICommand Command{ get; set; }
public object CommandParameter{ get; set; }
public Thickness Border{ get; set; }
public Thickness InnerPadding{ get; set; }
public FontAttributes FontAttributes{ get; set; }
public string FontFamily{ get; set; }
public double FontSize{ get; set; }
public FileImageSource LeftImage{ get; set; }
public FileImageSource ActiveLeftImage{ get; set; }
public FileImageSource RightImage{ get; set; }
public FileImageSource ActiveRightImage{ get; set; }
public bool RotateImages { get; set; } 

I think there's little to explain: TextColor is the default TextColor, ActiveTextColor is the "pressed" color, and so on. You can place an image to the left and/or right side of the button the can be optionally be animated on click (RotateImages = true).


<ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2009/xaml" xmlns:statebutton="clr-namespace:Xamarin.CustomControls;assembly=Xamarin.CustomControls.StateButton" x:Class="CustomControlsSamples.StateButtonPage">
        <StackLayout Padding="15">
           <statebutton:StateButton Text="Rotate" RotateImages="true" ActiveTextColor="White" ActiveBackgroundColor="Teal" TextColor="Black" BackgroundColor="Green" ActiveBorderColor="Black" LeftImage="arrowRight" ActiveLeftImage="arrowDown" RightImage="arrowRight" HeightRequest="60" Command="{Binding SelectCommand}" CommandParameter="5"  />