Yelp Fusion Client is a .NET wrapper for the Yelp REST API. The library is written in C#.

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Install-Package YelpSharper -Version 1.0.1



YelpSharper is a .NET wrapper for the Yelp REST API. The library is written in C#.

Code Example

//Create client instance
var yelpSharperClient = new YelpSharperClient();

//Get accesstoken using app client id & client secret
var tokenResponse = yelpSharperClient.GetToken("Your client id here", "Your client secret here");

//Assign token to make further API calls to Yelp
yelpSharperClient.AccessToken = tokenResponse.AccessToken;

var searchResponse = yelpSharperClient.Search(new {term = "indian food", latitude = "40.581140", longitude = "-111.914184"});

//Search by phone
var searchByPhoneResponse = yelpSharperClient.SearchByPhone(new {phone = "+18014384823"});

//Get business by id
var businessResponse = yelpSharperClient.GetBusiness("india-palace-south-jordan-2");

//Get business reviews
var reviewsResponse = yelpSharperClient.GetBusinessReviews("india-palace-south-jordan-2");

//Search by transaction type
var searchTransactionResponse = yelpSharperClient.SearchByTransaction("delivery", new { latitude = "40.581140", longitude = "-111.914184" });

var autocompleteResponse = yelpSharperClient.Autocomplete(new { text = "india", latitude = "40.581140", longitude = "-111.914184" });