A .NET async Client fully compliant with ZooKeeper, supporting all features. Fully Task-based Asynchronous (async/await). A great measure has been taken to follow the logic of the official Java client, including all relevant unit tests. In fact, the code is almost identical. Thus allowing easy evolution alongside the Java version.

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Install-Package ZooKeeperNetEx -Version


Apache ZooKeeper .NET async Client

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  • Supports .NET 4.5 and above, including .NET Core.
  • Fully Task-based Asynchronous (async/await).
  • Follows the logic of the official Java client to the letter, in fact the code is almost identical.
  • NuGets

Build From Source

  1. Oracle JDK (Java Developer Kit).
  2. Apache Ant.
  3. Visual Studio 2017 with .NET Core.
Build Steps
  1. Run ant on the repository's root folder.
  2. Open src\csharp\ZooKeeperNetEx.sln with Visual Studio 2017.
  3. Build.