AllJoyn Device Provider for device discovery and interaction without using Introspection XML. For the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10).

AllJoyn, C#, C++, Windows, UWP, UAP, Universal, Platform
Install-Package dotMorten.AllJoyn.DeviceProviders -Version 1.1.1


Brian Fjeldstad kcc1988 Jesse Kaplan Rachit Bajpai Ale Contenti jordanrh1 Artem Zhurid Maggie Mahmoud Saleh Lou Amadio Artur Laksberg Stephen Kusuma Srinivasa Murthy Morten Nielsen jplafonta Sumahitha nicolas guibourge Slavy Mihov Mahir Kalra Jonathan Leung Tre`Von McKay Kara Ottewell David Shoemaker Jim Gale

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