Math helper slots for Magic, giving you some basic math functionality, such as the ability to add, subtract, multiply numbers, etc from Hyperlambda.

math, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, modulo, increment, hyperlambda, decrement, magic
Install-Package magic.lambda.math -Version 4.0.2


Magic Lambda Math for .Net

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This project provides magic functions to Magic. More specifically, it provides the following slots.

  • [*] - Multiplication
  • [/] - Division
  • [+] - Addition
  • [-] - Subtraction
  • [%] - Modulo

All of the above can be given any number of arguments, including as its value, and will treat the first argument as the "base", and performing the rest of the arguments self assigning the base as it proceeds. For instance, the following code will first divide 100 by 4, then divide that result by 5 again, resulting in 5.


The value of the above [/] node after evaluating the above Hyperlambda will be 5.


Although most of Magic's source code is publicly available, Magic is not Open Source or Free Software. You have to obtain a valid license key to install it in production, and I normally charge a fee for such a key. You can obtain a license key here. Notice, 5 hours after you put Magic into production, it will stop functioning, unless you have a valid license for it.