pi-top[4] Camera module module with PSI support.

Install-Package pi-top.Camera.Psi -Version 1.0.439


pi-top [4] .NET Core SDK with .NET Interactive Extensions

Check out dotnet/iot for loads of device bindings!

Build status

Quick Installation


To install and configure your pi-top [4] with .NET Core SDK support, run this from your pi-top:

pi@pi-top:~ curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pi-top/pi-top-4-.NET-SDK/master/setup.sh | bash
pi@pi-top:~ source ~/.bashrc

Note: you should be able to re-run this at a later date to update.

After this, you will want to update your environment variables. Either start a new terminal instance, or run:

pi@pi-top:~ source ~/.bashrc

Install xbox controller support

To use xbox controller via bluetooth run this from the pi-top:

pi@pi-top:~ curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pi-top/pi-top-4-.NET-SDK/master/setup-xbox-controller.sh | bash

Then reboot the pi-top for the changes to take effect.

Quick Tour

Once executed, you will have this repo cloned at


The code is compiled and the latest NuGet packages are located at


Running Visual Studio Code Insiders and the .NET Interactive notebook extension on the device

Open VScode and add the .NET interactive extension. Now you can use .NET Interactive notebooks directly on your pi-top.

Manual installation steps

The src directory contains the code for libraries you can use to create .NET Core apps for the amazing pi-top4 platform. Get one and get creative.

Requires .NET Core SDK 5.0 LTS for ARM32

The libraries comes along with dotnet interactive integration so you can use notebooks to explore the power of pi-top.

To use the notebook samples in examples/vs-code, you will need vs-code and vs-code extension on your local machine

Build the libraries and packages

  • build the project > dotnet build
  • if you do not have it, create the folder /home/pi/localNuget
  • pack the projects with > sh tools/pack.sh 1.1.1 it will package the project into the /home/pi/localnuget using version 1.1.1

Note: persistent issues during nuget restore could be related to ca-certificates.conf issues. Installing the latest version of pi-topOS/Raspberry Pi OS should fix this. Follow the instructions on the pi-top knowledge base to reinstall the latest available version.