C#/.NET port of Dan Wheeler/DropBox's Zxcvbn JS password strength estimation library. Updated for .Net Core.

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Install-Package zxcvbn-core -Version 7.0.92


Zxcvbn C#/.NET

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This is a port of the Zxcvbn JavaScript password strength estimation library at https://github.com/lowe/zxcvbn to .NET, written in C#. This fork moves the library to support .Net Core.

From the Zxcvbn readme:

zxcvbn, named after a crappy password, is a JavaScript password strength estimation library. Use it to implement a custom strength bar on a signup form near you!

zxcvbn attempts to give sound password advice through pattern matching and conservative entropy calculations. It finds 10k common passwords, common American names and surnames, common English words, and common patterns like dates, repeats (aaa), sequences (abcd), and QWERTY patterns.

For full motivation, see:


This port aims to produce comparable results with the Typescript version of Zxcvbn which I have also put out and is here https://github.com/trichards57/zxcvbn. The results structure that is returned can be interpreted in the same way as with JS Zxcvbn and this port has been tested with a variety of passwords to ensure that it return the same score as the JS version (some other details vary a little).

I have tried to keep the implementation as close as possible, but there is still a chance of some small changes. Let me know if you find any differences and I can investigate.

Using Zxcvbn-cs

The included Visual Studio project will create a single assembly, Zxcvbn.dll, which is all that is required to be included in your project.

To evaluate a password:

using Zxcvbn;


var result = Zxcvbn.Core.EvaluatePassword("p@ssw0rd");

EvaluatePassword takes an optional second parameter that contains an enumerable of user data strings to also match the password against.

Interpreting Results

The Result structure returned from password evaluation is interpreted the same way as with JS Zxcvbn.

  • result.Score: 0-4 indicating the estimated strength of the password.


Since Zxcvbn-cs is a port of the original Zxcvbn the original copyright and licensing applies. Cf. the LICENSE file.