Wrapper for the Imagine library to hook into the Laravel framework

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DEPRECATED: Use Glide instead


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First do composer require anahkiasen/illuminage:dev-master.

Then if you're on a Laravel app, add the following to the providers array in app/config/app.php :


And this in the facades array in the same file :

'Illuminage' => 'Illuminage\Facades\Illuminage',

And then do artisan asset:publish anahkiasen/illuminage.


Illuminage is a wrapper for the Imagine library to hook into the Laravel framework. It implements elegant shortcuts around Imagine and a smart cache system.

// This will create a cropped 200x300 thumb, cache it, and display it in an image tag
echo Illuminage::thumb('image.jpg', 200, 300)
// or
echo Illuminage::image('image.jpg')->thumbnail(200, 300)

// Shortcuts
echo Illuminage::square('image.jpg', 300)

What you get from those calls are not direct HTML strings but objects implementing the HtmlObject\Tag abstract, so you can use all sorts of HTML manipulation methods on them :

$thumb = Illuminage::square('image.jpg', 200)->addClass('image-wide');
$thumb = $thumb->wrapWith('figure')->id('avatar');

echo $thumb;
// <figure id="avatar"><img class="image-wide" src="pathToThumbnail.jpg"></figure>

You can at all time access the original Imagine instance used to render the images :

$thumb = Illuminage::image('foo.jpg')->thumbnail(200, 200);

echo $thumb->grayscale()->onImage(function($image) {