capetown/capetown Bot Framework in PHP



A bot framework

This package is currently in alpha mode. It's fully functional but the API implementation is far from complete. Accepting PRs for further implementation.

This is a small framework for writing bots in PHP.


  • Install the commands you want with composer
  • Add the FQN of the commandclass to EnabledCommands.php
  • (If Necessary) Copy the name.env.dist file from the plugin to config/name.env and fill in the required information
  • Run app/run.php and you are good to go!



While the author really likes to keep things separate there is nothing from stopping you to implement your plugin in a different way. As long as you implement the CommandInterface and you are able to add the FQN of your command to the app/EnabledCommands.php it will be fine.

For plugin development in might be handy to fork this framework and develop the plugin locally first. An example Command has been provided in app/commands/ExampleCommand.php to illustrate the design further.

The runner (this)

This is where you add the commands you want to enable via composer and run the actual bot with.

The core

This is all the core code that both the runner and all the command plugins depend on. In this way we ensure that both the runner and all the plugins never depend on eachother and each is free to do what they want as long as you implement the CommmandInterface.

Official command plugins