A torrent library based on the awesome work by @tcz. This fork aims to be more modular and separate concerns as cleanly as possible.

php, library, bittorrent, torrent


LibtorrentPHP 1.0.0-dev

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LibtorrentPHP is a project based on the awesome work by @tcz. It provides a strictly modular and feature complete implementation of the BitTorrent protocol. LibtorrentPHP differs from its upstream parent PHPTracker in that it is more modular and has the goal of being able to be implemented into other open source projects. LibtorrentPHP will endeavour to provide upstream pull requests where applicable and possible.


The master branch of this project is the remnant of the old PHPTracker v0.3 release. The develop branch where all the work is occurring is current in a state of massive flux and not suitable for use in anything in its current state.


As per almost all Centric Web Estate open source projects, this project is licenced under the Aritistic 2.0 Licence with the exception that:

  • Existing code from PHPTracker is licenced under BSD 3.0, and
  • Existing code from PHPTracker is the exclusive copyright of the individual contributors.

All new contributions are to be subject to the Artistic 2.0 licence. Copyright 2015 Centric Web Estate. All Rights Reserved.