A modal that does the same as Sign Up, but without connecting



Create User Modal

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This extension provides a modified Sign Up modal that creates a user and redirects to their profile. Where the native Sign Up modal logs you into the new account by force, the Create User modal keeps your current session active and just creates the new user in the background.

The other benefit is that it's possible to access it when signup is closed right from the Flarum interface. Technically admins could also open the Sign Up modal and use it, but it requires using the browser console.

If the User Directory extension is enabled, the link is added to the top of the user list. Otherwise the link is added to the session dropdown.

This extension does not alter the Flarum core logic regarding the creation of users. When signup is enabled, anybody can create accounts. When signup is disabled, only admins can create accounts (this is hard-coded in Flarum). The modal just uses the native API endpoint.

A permission allows you to customize who sees the "Create new user" button.


composer require clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-create-user-modal