Simple Livewire notifications system without any dependencies except TALL-stack.

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Livewire - Notifier

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Livewire Notifier is a simple notifications system with zero dependencies above TALL-stack (Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS, Laravel and Livewire).

Livewire Notifier


Make sure that Livewire and Alpine.JS are installed properly. The easiest way to do it is to install Laravel Jetstream with Livewire stack (post-install command php artisan jetstream:install livewire).

Alpine.JS must be imported in resources/js/app.js package:

import 'alpinejs'

Livewire scripts and styles tags must be present in the layout file:



Via Composer

$ composer require codespb/livewire-notifier

Proceed with installation process:

$ php artisan livewire-notifier:install

Afterwards the package config can be found at config/livewire-notifier.php and views at resources/views/vendor/livewire-notifier/.

It's required because of Tailwind config is needed to be extended with new purge paths.

Otherwise you won't see messages styled properly.

Livewire Notifier


Put Livewire-component <livewire:notifier/> into the app layout. Make sure to insert it into correct context because it may be positioned absolutely.

Now you can use it from frontend and backend both.

Message options

Message added at backend (from any Livewire component) must have type of array. Message added at frontend (from JavaScript) must have type of object.

$message = [
        'text' => __('Post is saved!'),
        'title' => '', // Optional
        'type' => 'success', // Optional. By default: success | optional: error (or fail), warning (or warn), info
        // you can find all types options in the config file
        'icon' => '', // Optional. It replaces the default type icon. Can be pure html or svg code

        // Attention! The following options override ones from the config file

        'duration' => 5000, // Optional. The time of message to be shown. To show infinitely set to 0
        'msgClass' =>  'bg-gradient-to-r from-green-200 to-green-300', // Optional. Tailwind class for message container
        'progressClass' =>  'bg-green-500', // Optional. Tailwind class for progress bar. If null progress bar won't be shown
        'closable' => false, // Optional. True by default. Whether message is closable by click on message or Esc key press on window
let message = {
    text: 'Post is saved!'


Livewire event

From any Livewire component push emit trigger to render new message.

public function save(){
    $this->emitTo('notifier','message',['text'=>__('The post is saved!')]);

Session flash variable

public function save(){
    session()->flash('notifier',['text'=>__('The post is saved!')]);
    return $this->redirect(route('posts'));


Add new message from javascript:

Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'The post is saved!'})


Try to put the following code (with Laravel Jetstream w/Livewire stack installed):

<div class="flex flex-row space-x-4">
    <x-jet-button x-data="{}" @click="Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'Success',type:'success'})">Success</x-jet-button>
    <x-jet-button x-data="{}" @click="Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'Error',type:'error'})">Error</x-jet-button>
    <x-jet-button x-data="{}" @click="Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'Warning',type:'warning'})">Warning</x-jet-button>
    <x-jet-button x-data="{}" @click="Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'Info',type:'info'})">Info</x-jet-button>
    <x-jet-button x-data="{}" @click="Livewire.emitTo('notifier','message',{text:'Default',type:'default'})">Default</x-jet-button>

Config file

After php artisan livewire-notifier:install command is fired, config file will be published to config/livewire-notifier.php. There you can change some value for customization.

return [
    // Messages container positioning
    'positionClass' => 'absolute top-0 right-0',
    // Default message Tailwind stylinh
    'defaultMsgClass' => 'w-80 rounded-xl shadow-xl',
    // Time of each message to be shown by default
    'duration' => 2200,
    // Messages types
    'types' => [
        'success' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-green-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-green-200 to-green-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-green-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => 'livewire-notifier::icons.success',
        'error' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-red-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-red-200 to-red-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-red-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => 'livewire-notifier::icons.error',
        'fail' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-red-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-red-200 to-red-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-red-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => 'livewire-notifier::icons.error',
        'warning' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-yellow-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-yellow-200 to-yellow-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-yellow-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => 'livewire-notifier::icons.error',
        'warn' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-yellow-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-yellow-200 to-yellow-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-yellow-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => 'livewire-notifier::icons.error',
        'info' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-blue-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-blue-200 to-blue-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-blue-500',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => '',
        'default' => [
            // 'msgClass'=>'bg-gray-200',
            'msgClass'=>'bg-gradient-to-r from-gray-200 to-gray-300',
            'progressClass' => 'bg-gray-700',
            // View for icon
            'icon' => '',


Your messages don't get any styles? Please, run livewire-notifier:install command to publish views. Therefore Laravel Mix compiler will find package Blade-views and will purge CSS properly.


Simply update like all other packages with composer update. Be sure to run livewire-notifier:install to updated published views.

Change log

Please see the changelog for more information on what has changed recently.


$ composer test


Please see for details and a todolist.


If you discover any security related issues, please email author email instead of using the issue tracker.



Please see the license file for more information.