Command line tool to easily search through all your Pantheon-hosted Drupal sites and identify active instances of a particular module.

security, modules, drupal, pantheon, terminus, d7, d8


Module Hunter for Pantheon-hosted Drupal sites

This command-line tool was created to help developers who maintain a large number of Pantheon-hosted Drupal sites to easily identify which sites have an active instance of a particular module. You can optionally choose to only check D7 or only D8 sites. The primary use case is for enabling a quick response to critical security advisories.


Requires command-line access to a properly configured instance of Pantheon's Terminus CLI tool.


Use this script using the following syntax:

./module-hunt module_name [d7|d8]

Sandbox sites supported

Module Hunter checks for the module on the live environment, except when a site is on a Sandbox plan. In that is the case, Module Hunter instead checks the dev environment.

Stability: ALPHA Release

This script has thus far proven stable for our use cases, but has not been extensively tested.


  • Support checking for multiple modules.
  • Make this a terminus plug-in instead[?]
  • Instructions for installing this as a global command.