Droopler installation profile for Drupal 8

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Droopler profile for Drupal 8

Droopler Logo

What is Droopler?

Droopler is a Drupal 8 profile designed to kickstart a new webpage in a few minutes. It's based on the latest frontend technologies, including Bootstrap 4. The maintainer of Droopler is Droptica.

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What's in this repository?

This repository contains a Drupal profile. When you put it in your /profiles directory, the Drupal installer gets modified and installs base Droopler theme, some module dependencies, and demo content.


The Droopler profile should be installed via Composer. We recommend using Droopler skeleton repository. If you are starting from the scratch - in the require section of your composer.json put:

"require": {
  "droptica/droopler": "^8.1.3"

And run composer update.

In case of unexpected problems please update your main composer.json to comply with the Droopler skeleton repository. You may run into some issues with libraries and their directories.