Optimize your WordPress theme header by removing excess tags and scripts. Make your site faster and more secure by hiding the fact you are using WordPress.

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WP Theme Optimizer

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This WordPress plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress theme header by removing excess tags and scripts.


You can install this plugin via the command-line or the WordPress admin panel.

via Command-line

If you're using Composer to manage WordPress, add WP Theme Optimizer to your project's dependencies.

composer require dsgnr/wp-theme-optimizer

via WP Dashboard

This plugin is currently in the list to be approved for the WordPress plugin repository.


  • Remove CSS and JS versions
  • Remove WP Generator tag
  • Remove OEmbed Links
  • Remove jQuery Migrate
  • Remove emoji-release.js
  • Remove recent comments inline CSS
  • Remove RSD Link
  • Remove RSS feeds
  • Remove wlwmanifest.xml
  • Remove WP JSON link
  • Remove WP Shortlink
  • Remove Next/Previous post links
  • Remove Yoast SEO comments in front-end HTML
  • Option to Minify front-end HTML
  • Remove DNS prefetch tags


Contributions are welcome from everyone. If this plugin is missing anything you'd like to see, or have found a bug please tell us!