The official PHP library for enverido.com.

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The official PHP library for the enverido licensing platform. You can use this library to integrate enverido with your product.

Make sure you have an enverido account before you begin!


Read below for installation instructions.


To install using composer, simply:

composer require enverido/php


For instructions on this library's use, read the official documentation found here.


Verifying a licence

The code below is a quickstart to verifying that a given licence is valid. Verifying via this method uses the licence's short code and the licence holder's email address, but you could use the licence's ID instead.

Take a look at the verifyLicenceViaId() method in the Verifier class for more information.

use Enverido;

$organisation = "mycompanyltd";
$verifier = new Verifier($organisation);

$ip = '';
$domain = null;
$shortcode = 'ABC-123';
$email = 'me@mycompanyltd.com';
$publicKey = '--my-product-public-key---';

$validLicence = $verifier->verifyLicenceViaShortcode($shortcode, $email, $ip, $domain, $publicKey);

if($validLicence) {
    echo("Thanks for being a paying customer!");


When executing tests, you need to add a .env file to your tests directory. You may use the .env.example file in the same directory as an example of the values to enter. These values must be valid at enverido.com for tests to pass as expected.

Once you've added this file, simply run the following command to make sure everything works:

vendor\bin\phpunit --configuration="./phpunit.xml"

You must install using Composer before you can run the tests. To install, run:

composer install

In the root directory of the library.


If you wish to contribute, please make a pull request with an explanation of any changes you've made.