A simple php CalDAV-Client library. Connect, create, change, delete... easy to use

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Copyright 2014 Michael Palm <palm.michael@gmx.de>

Table of content
1. About
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. How to get started
5. Example Code


1. About

simpleCalDAV is a php library that allows you to connect to a calDAV-server to get event-, todo- and free/busy-calendar resources from the server, to change them, to delete them, to create new ones, etc.
simpleCalDAV was made and tested for connections to the CalDAV-server Baikal 0.2.7. But it should work with any other CalDAV-server too.

It contains the following functions:
  - connect()
  - findCalendars()
  - setCalendar()
  - create()
  - change()
  - delete()
  - getEvents()
  - getTODOs()
  - getCustomReport()

All of those functions are really easy to use, self-explanatory and are deliverd with a big innitial comment, which explains all needed arguments and the return values.

This library is heavily based on AgenDAV caldav-client-v2.php by Jorge López Pérez <jorge@adobo.org> which again is heavily based on DAViCal caldav-client-v2.php by Andrew McMillan <andrew@mcmillan.net.nz>.
Actually, I hardly added any features. The main point of my work is to make everything straight forward and easy to use. You can use simpleCalDAV whithout a deeper understanding of the calDAV-protocol.

2. Requirements

Requirements of this library are
  - The php extension cURL ( http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.curl.php )

3. Installation

Just navigate into a directory on your server and execute
git clone https://github.com/wvrzel/simpleCalDAV.git

Assure yourself that cURL is installed.

Import SimpleCalDAVClient.php in your code and you are ready to go ;-)

4. How to get started

Read the comments in SimpleCalDAVClient.php and the example code.

5. Example Code

Example code is provided under "/example code/".